About Us

Affirmation of Belief

Because we believe that we have been given the responsibility by God to teach and train our children in the ways of God in all manner of living and to provide and atmosphere conducive to our purposes,

Because we believe that Godly instruction is essential to the intellectual, social and spiritual well-being of all men, and

Because we believe that such education should incorporate the highest standards of Christian character and culture, both in its content and administration,

We do hereby confirm and establish Covenant Life College:

“A College without walls – the world our campus.”

Teachers, administrators and students serving in our unique rural setting of Christian community all share a common goal of spiritual and intellectual growth challenged by a rigorous academic curriculum. Together we believe in the pursuit of Truth, in creative expression and in discipline through theory and practice. Convenant Life students have a commitment to study hard, practice long and serve cheerfully. A "College Without Walls" describes the aspect of instruction that exists in various locations in the world. “The world our campus” implies the learning which continues long after the students have left the classroom and have found their places of Christian service all over the world.

Purpose Goals and Objectives

Covenant Life College is committed to providing a learning environment which provides students an opportunity to grow in their relationship with God while preparing them for Christian service. We endeavor to give our students the best in practical education and stimulate each one to realize his full potential in God. Covenant Life College is dedicated to a high standard of excellence in every aspect of life, both natural and spiritual.

Student Life

Family Living

Because of the vital place corporate life has in our walk, there is no better setting for the College than in Christian community. When students are accepted at CLC, they become family members of the hosting community. The Kingdom principles learned, and the quality of life gained, are even more valuable than the academics studied. The community context provides opportunity for practical application of our studies. The students should expect to enrich the community with their skills and initiative. The community, in turn, enriches the student by providing the love and support of a family life. Each of our Covenant Life College branches provides a family environment for students. Students are housed with families, and as integral family members, young women share the responsibilities of laundry, meal preparation and weekly house keeping chores. Young men do their part by assisting with community support services such as building and grounds maintenance, farm chores and construction projects.

An important part of our conviction is the experience of eating together. Families join together daily in our community dining halls for meals and fellowship. Despite the pressures of academic life and late night studying, we expect all students to attend meals consistently.


Students are encouraged to maintain a personal relationship with the Lord. Weekly church services and mid-week sharing nights are held throughout the year. Students are expected to participate in morning devotions through testimony, song and the sharing of God's Word.


Our communities value praise and worship. The spiritual quality of personal tapes should preserve this atmosphere. Rock music is therefore not allowed. Students possessing such music will jeopardize their student status.


Our campuses provide a setting for hiking, hunting, fishing, canoeing, snowboarding, ice skating, cross-country skiing, swimming or rafting. Outdoor athletic activities are available as weather permits. All activities vary by campus.

What to Bring

Select winter clothing for below zero temperatures including a heavy coat, pack boots, mud boots, hat, gloves, muffler or scarf (muffler preferred) and long johns. We also suggest you bring sturdy work clothes. Summer brings warmer temperatures in the 7O's and 8O's. Bring twin-size bedding, pillow, towels, a Bible and laptop computer. Ice skates are recommended. (If these things are not available in your area, please let us know so we can make arrangements to shop for them upon arrival.)


The curfew varies by campus. Students are expected to maintain a quiet evening atmosphere in consideration of family schedules and study needs.

Leaving the Community

Students who need to leave the premises should communicate to a college representative.

Vehicle Policy

A student must secure permission from the Branch Administrator before bringing a vehicle to College. Insurance and current registration are required. Excessive use of vehicles outside of necessary trips is discouraged.

Outside Employment

Students should not plan to be employed during the school year due to our distant community settings. Student visas do not permit foreign students to seek employment.

Guidance and Advisement

Guidance is available through the College faculty.

Summer Involvement in the Community

Community life is one of the major concepts emphasized at Covenant Life College. Students, as residents of the community, should plan on remaining at least one month during each summer to help with year-round family needs.

Financial Policy

The staff at CLC is not salaried. All instructors and supporting members are volunteers.

Student Standards of Conduct

Student Standards of Personal Conduct

"Be thou an example of the believers in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity."
I Tim. 4:12

It is expected that students of Covenant Life College will conduct themselves in a manner which is in keeping with the standards of the College and community. Students are expected to exercise self-discipline and sound judgment in ordering their conduct both on and off the College community premises.

Letter from the President

Dear Perspective Students

"The only significance of life consists in helping to establish the Kingdom of God; and this can be done only by means of the acknowledgement and profession of the truth by each one of us." - Tolstoy

Covenant Life College is devoted to this truth in training for life and service in the Kingdom of God. Its staff is committed to those who have God's call upon their lives, to nurture and clarify the true purpose of furthering their education.

"A college without walls - the world our campus," is explained in the Affirmation of Belief and our Purpose, Goals and Objectives.

G. William Grier